Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This Is My Twenty-Six

I imagine most twenty-six year old girls spend their birthdays much differently than me. Maybe they spent their day at the office before partying it up in the evening in the city. Or maybe they’re adventuring: Travelling to a new place without a care in the world. Maybe they’re falling in love with the man they will one day marry, spending a romantic evening at the most fabulous restaurant. Or maybe they are surrounded by their best friends, a girl’s night out, opening the most fabulous gifts.

My day, I’m guessing, looked a little bit different than most twenty-something girl’s birthdays do. To many girls this day in age, I married “young” and had a baby when I was just a “baby” myself.
But if I’m being completely and utterly honest, I wouldn’t change a single thing. No maybe my nights aren’t filled with late-night adventures or crazy parties. But they are full. So incredibly full of their own little “adventures” and their own special “parties”: they are just a little different than most.

You see, I also spent the day at the office. But my home is my office. My kitchen table is my desk. I have playdate meetings. And snack-time deadlines. I also party it up in the evening. But that party is located outside playing with cars and balls with my son.
And I also spend my days travelling… to the nearest Starbucks and Jewel-Osco. Sure I usually go to the same ones, but who’s to tell me I can’t go on an adventure and check out the new Starbucks a few miles up the road?

And I’m also falling in love… with my already husband. More and more each day. And our romantic night looks like cuddling with our feverish son before we put him to bed and then watching America’s Got Talent on the couch while eating a can of Pringles. Maybe a glass or two of wine before bed… if we’re really feelin’ fancy.
And last but not least, I also spent my day surrounded by my friends… my son, my husband. They are my best friends in the whole wide world. And sure, maybe I didn’t get a “girl’s night out” but I got the most fabulous “family night in”. There’s no place else I’d rather be. And my requested gift… A diaper bag. I am absolutely positive most 26 year olds do not ask for a diaper bag for their birthday. But I think it’s freaking amazing and I am super duper excited about it. (It’s a back pack and it’s leather #amothersdream )

So sure, my day may look different than most. I know, I don't really "party" or "adventure" but in my own special way, I do. And I absolutely love it. And I would not change a single thing. This exact life is the sweetest birthday gift a girl could ask for and I am so so blessed. This is the life for me and I couldn't be happier about it.
This is my Twenty-Six

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Slowing Down

Life is busy. There's no doubt about that. My son is only a year and a half and I find myself wishing for more time in a day. So a few days ago when John was talking about taking this Friday off of work I immediately said, yes please! He had no real reason to take the day off, but what a better reason to do it then. No plans, no real to-do list, we had the whole day! We could do whatever we wanted.

I've been kind of dying to go to the city. I basically lived there a good portion of my college days. So being that it had been months since my last visit, I thought why not have a city day? Zoo, beach, the works. We packed our lunch. Pringles, Jewel chocolate chip cookies, Kool-aid Jammers, and we left after rush-hour traffic. We cruised right in and had the best time.

Luca could care less about the animals at the zoo, and it took me a little while to accept that, but once I did, suddenly the day turned magical. While sitting on some steps overlooking the sea lions while John and I watched Luca happily climb up and down the steps to his hearts content, we realized something.... time, it didn't matter. We could sit there as long as we wanted without a care in the world. And we had all the time in the world to just enjoy together, as a family. Whether that be watching Luca climb up and down those steps or walking along the beautiful, open beach on Lake Michigan. There was no time limit to our day, no to-do list. We could just do what we wanted, how we wanted, and when we wanted. And boy was it heavenly.

It was a good lesson learned for me and my husband. We get so wrapped up in always having to be productive. Any day we have off we're always planning, working, cleaning, doing yard work, going to this or that event. But we need days like this. Days where we can just take a step back and enjoy each other. Be a family. With no real plans, no real time lines. And I've decided that days like this are going to become a more regular thing for us. We need them. And maybe you do too.

Cleaning and housework can wait. Life can't.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Here I am celebrating the 12th day of the month again for my little man. It’s been quite a while, but as you all know I stopped celebrating “month birthdays” when Luca turned the big old UNO. However, in toddler years I feel like one and a half is quite the milestone. And after doing month updates every month for the first year, waiting until TWO to update again seemed like way to long. So if you care to know all about my little dude at one point five years continue reading below….


Per usual, these past 6 months flew by at lightning speed. We’ve had our ups and downs but looking back it’s been mostly ups. Luca has turned into quite the little boy. And if I had to describe him in two words it would be just that ALL BOY! He doesn’t walk, he runs. He sits, but only for about 5 seconds at a time. He can jump across a room faster than I can walk. He loves cars, trains, playing outside, and throwing any object he can get his hands on across a room. This kid has an arm! Give him a ball and he will be entertained for a whole 10 minutes! He can already kick a soccer ball like a pro. He is a monkey and climbs on anything and everything. But to my surprise I am still waiting for the day to come when he climbs out of his crib. How on earth that day hasn’t arrived is beyond me. But every morning that he wakes up and cries for me to come get him out of his crib I’m singing a little hallelujah in my head.
Luca is a boy of few words. Not much talking going on here yet. He’ll repeat a word here and there, but he mostly just utters nonsense and when he gets on a roll there’s no stopping those adorable babbles. The way he does it is just so stinking cute, and I wish I could understand what was going on in that little brain of his. I’m hoping that day comes soon!
Moana and Elsa are his best friends and mine. For how active Luca is, he will actually sit and watch a movie which is heaven for me at times. (No judging please!) He has even figured out how to take a movie out of the case, turn on the playstation and put the dvd in! This. I am not so proud of. And don’t worry, he gets a firm “No” anytime it happens.
At one and a half some of Luca’s favorite pastimes include… Baths, climbing stairs, playing outside, playing fetch with Elsie, marveling at ceiling fans, reading stories but flipping through the pages faster than I can read them, and building towers with his giant legos.
He loves yogurt, ice cream, bananas, any form of berry, mac and cheese, and Panera bagels. Other than taco meat he is legit a vegetarian. It’s been a real struggle trying to get him to eat meat. He still has a bottle of whole milk when he wakes up and before he goes to bed.
Luca weighs approximately 31 pounds and is wearing pretty much all size 2T clothes. He’s always been a little chunker, but he’s slowly losing the baby pudge and looking more and more like a real toddler.
He is becoming more and more of an extrovert, which I would not have expected early on since we had so much trouble with separation anxiety! But anymore he waves at random people in the grocery store, claps for anyone who makes eye contact with him, and babbles to anyone who will listen. I drop him off at nursery and he literally runs through the door and immediately waves goodbye to me. Most days I pick him up and I barely get a hello… of course my mama heart misses him needing and wanting me like he did when he was a baby, but to be honest, I’m loving his little independent spirit. I’ve loved watching him grow from such a shy mama’s boy baby into a friendly, independent toddler. It was quite the journey, but so worth those struggles early on.

At one and a half, Luca is energetic, rambunctious, generous, curious, silly and loving. He gives me hugs and kisses without prompting and at the end of every day, no matter how crazy he was, he is always super snuggly. Another quality that I love about him and honestly already admire is how no matter what Luca does, he gives it his all, wholeheartedly, without hesitation. He is already such a strong little boy in every sense of the word. And I am so blessed to call him mine.
Luca's Romper is from Childhood's Clothing and can be found here.
Luca's shoes are from Adelisa and Co and can be found here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cabin Fever

 When your dog is a better model than your kid....
 He loves watching his big sister Elsie play fetch.
 Preparing to throw the ball for Elsie... pure focus.
 About to throw..
 His face while Elsie chases the ball... pure joy!
 My happy little boy.
 He was so glad to be out of the house!
 100% boy. He spent about 5 minutes searching for sticks in our yard.
 My baby girl. I know I'm prejudice, but I think she's just the prettiest.
 His after playtime treat... Definitely my kid!

And then of course he didn't want to go in... but naptime was calling his name.
The weather these days has been not so nice. It's January, yet we have zero snow, and if you know anything about me, you know this leaves me on the verge of depression. I think I've decided we need to move about 8 hours north. (Did you hear that John? Start job searching!) It has been cold, but just not cold enough for a blanket of white, rather this lovely weather has left us with a damp, nasty haze. Absolutely, positively gross!

I don't mind staying in, cuddling on the couch, drinking some Starbucks, and watching a movie. But my little boy can only stand that for exactly 5 minutes these days and then he's whining to do something different. Pretty sure, he's sick and tired of being trapped inside with his approximately 500 new toys he got for Christmas... Life is rough when you're one people.  So rough.

Yesterday, I had just had enough of the whining. So on went the hat, the gloves, the jacket, and out we went.

And he had a ball.

I didn't even have to entertain him. He was happy as can be running, jumping and tripping all over our backyard. It was so nice to see a smile on my little boy's face.