Wednesday, June 28, 2017

This Is My Twenty-Six

I imagine most twenty-six year old girls spend their birthdays much differently than me. Maybe they spent their day at the office before partying it up in the evening in the city. Or maybe they’re adventuring: Travelling to a new place without a care in the world. Maybe they’re falling in love with the man they will one day marry, spending a romantic evening at the most fabulous restaurant. Or maybe they are surrounded by their best friends, a girl’s night out, opening the most fabulous gifts.

My day, I’m guessing, looked a little bit different than most twenty-something girl’s birthdays do. To many girls this day in age, I married “young” and had a baby when I was just a “baby” myself.
But if I’m being completely and utterly honest, I wouldn’t change a single thing. No maybe my nights aren’t filled with late-night adventures or crazy parties. But they are full. So incredibly full of their own little “adventures” and their own special “parties”: they are just a little different than most.

You see, I also spent the day at the office. But my home is my office. My kitchen table is my desk. I have playdate meetings. And snack-time deadlines. I also party it up in the evening. But that party is located outside playing with cars and balls with my son.
And I also spend my days travelling… to the nearest Starbucks and Jewel-Osco. Sure I usually go to the same ones, but who’s to tell me I can’t go on an adventure and check out the new Starbucks a few miles up the road?

And I’m also falling in love… with my already husband. More and more each day. And our romantic night looks like cuddling with our feverish son before we put him to bed and then watching America’s Got Talent on the couch while eating a can of Pringles. Maybe a glass or two of wine before bed… if we’re really feelin’ fancy.
And last but not least, I also spent my day surrounded by my friends… my son, my husband. They are my best friends in the whole wide world. And sure, maybe I didn’t get a “girl’s night out” but I got the most fabulous “family night in”. There’s no place else I’d rather be. And my requested gift… A diaper bag. I am absolutely positive most 26 year olds do not ask for a diaper bag for their birthday. But I think it’s freaking amazing and I am super duper excited about it. (It’s a back pack and it’s leather #amothersdream )

So sure, my day may look different than most. I know, I don't really "party" or "adventure" but in my own special way, I do. And I absolutely love it. And I would not change a single thing. This exact life is the sweetest birthday gift a girl could ask for and I am so so blessed. This is the life for me and I couldn't be happier about it.
This is my Twenty-Six

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